Our Vision

We are a collective of Indigenous organizers of the Great Plains working to resist and Indigenize colonial institutions, ideologies, and behaviors. Our homelands are located in the vast grassland of Turtle Island, situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River and stretching from the Northern Tundra to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Our People


Sikowis Nobiss, BA, MA

Founder and Executive Director


George Gordon First Nation



Ronnie James

Administration & Mutual Aid


Mahmud Fitil, BS

Frontlines Action & Logistics


Crimean Tatar Nation



Alexandrea Walker

Youth Political Engagement 


Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska



Regina Tsosie

BOD - Secretary/Treasurer


Navajo Nation

Sage Sisters of Solidarity


Terrance Medina

BOD - Chair

Santee Sioux and Dakota

Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska

Fatherhood is Sacred


Shelley Buffalo

BOD Member


Meskwaki Nation

Sustainable Iowa Land Trust


Trisha Cax-Sep-Gu-Wiga Etringer, BA

Operations & MMIR Director


Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska



Jessica Engelking, BA, MA

Research Director


Decendant of  White Earth Band of Ojibwe



Lance Foster, BA, MA, MLA

Elder Advisor


Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska


Keely Driscoll

Youth Political Engagement 


Carolyn Raffensperger, MA, JD

BOD - Member at Large

Executive Director

Science & Envronmental Health Network

Karen Pic_edited.jpg

Karen Mackey

BOD Member

Santee Sioux

Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska

Siouxland Pride Alliance



Resist and Indigenize

Great Plains Action Society started to build in 2014 but was formally created in August 2016 out of the No Dakota Access Pipeline movement largely fought at the Standing Rock reservation and throughout Iowa. However, founder, Sikowis (Christine Nobiss), had been building a Indigenous organization in Iowa for years prior, She has also been organizing in Canada since the age of 19 and in the US since 2005. During the NoDAPL resistance, Sikowis created a Facebook page called Iowa to the Camp of Sacred Stone in order to gather donations for the Standing Rock camps. The page grew into what is now a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. The society held its first official meeting on October 15, 2016

Using notions of Indigenous sovereignty and traditional ideologies, we strive for environmental and social justice which are two issues that cannot be separated. As our climate changes, more people will suffer and our mission is to help prevent the atrocities that are occurring to our earth and the people she nurtures.

We do a lot, but our heart is set on raising awareness about the devastating effects that fossil fuels and Big-Ag have on our environment while simultaneously promoting the development and implementation of renewable energy and regenerative, Indigenous farming practices. Iowa is the most biologically colonized state in the country and the number one contributor to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico due to commercial farming and commercial infrastructure projects. 

There are more than 14,000 Native Americans from various nations living in Iowa, but only one settlement- the Meskwaki Nation. A majority of Natives in Iowa also reside in Sioux City. Due to the fertile and productive quality of Iowa's soil, settlers were extreme about moving Indigenous Peoples out of the area. For that reason, Great Plains Action Society seeks to coalesce the Native people and their allies in this state so we may act and speak with a collective BIPOC voice. Our aim, as the Seventh Generation is to work from traditional, cultural, and Indigenous perspectives thus recognizing that we are stewards for Mother Earth.