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2018 Media


November 16, 2018

Christine Nobiss explains why we need to decolonize Thanksgiving despite of modern society's obsession with glorifying the whitewashed holiday. 


Standing with Tribes: Dave Archambault visit to UNI

November 29, 2018

Trisha Etringer gives a land acknowledgment and personal account of what happened to her at Standing Rock on September 3, 2016 before former Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault's keynote. 


The Fallon Forum 

November 26, 2018

Ed Fallon talks to Trisha Etringer about upcoming visit from Dave Archambault, former Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman, at the University of Northern Iowa. 

First Nations Farmer Climate Unity March

September 1-8, 2018


Great Plains Action Society collaborated with Bold Iowa and landowners on a 90-mile march to challenge the Iowa Utilities Board on the Dakota Access Pipeline where farmers and landowners in Iowa had their land illegally taken by them to build the Pipeline. Their lawsuit is in the hands of a panel of judges to determine if this action is warranted. 

Cedar Falls woman to join 90-mile march against Dakota Access Pipeline

August 31, 2018

“We march to let big corporate entities know that we have been and will continue to be here,” said Etringer. “We will not let the big dollar determine our future generation’s right to a clean and sustainable environment. We stand firm.”

Black Snake Killaz@1x.jpg

Protesters Target Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting in Des Moines

April 24, 2018


Donnielle Wanatee joined in protesting the shareholder meeting in Des Moines with others. Artist Remy, First Seven Gen Labs, created the art.


Protesting the SuperBowl LII

February 1, 2018

Climate justice doesn't stop rain, shine, or snow. Organizations and allies stood together to protest US Bank and the SuperBowl LII for funding "critical infrastructure" projects that contribute to climate change. 

Sacred Run to Raise Awareness for #MMIW (#MMIR)

Six runners from the Winnebago Tribe run from their reservation to the Nebraska State Capitol Building in two days to raise awareness of the ongoing epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (and men too, because they're just as important!) that plagues indigenous nations across Turtle Island. 

winnebagosacredrun (1).jpg
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