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Great Plains Action Society is a 501(c)3, which is tax deductible.

Great Plains Action Society takes pride in our work fighting for climate justice, social equality, and land rights. Often, that means putting ourselves on the frontlines where many cannot. Any and all donations will help us continue fighting and working towards a better tomorrow for us all.

At the heart of all our work, Great Plains Action Society members are striving for decolonization. This takes many forms, one of which includes challenging the dominant settler-colonial narrative and advocating for the truth. Our 1491 Campaign commemorates the last year Indigenous people existed unburdened by colonialism and genocide. Contributions to our 1491 Campaign will fund our ongoing efforts to decolonize. 

Donate the Following and Support Our Work

Invest to Decolonize

  • Providing care for our communities during a pandemic is decolonization. 

  • Challenging the narrative through Truthsgiving is decolonization. 

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1491 Fundraising Campaign 

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