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Frontline Land Defense

Great Plains Action Society was born out of a need for Indigenous voices, values, and practices to be heard in the state of Iowa concerning the climate crisis, social injustice, natural resource extraction, and colonial farming practices--all results of colonial capitalism. Our focus for over two years (2016-2018) was on the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa and at the Standing Rock Reservation, which culminated in Little Creek Camp which is a resistance camp to the pipeline that ran in Williamsburg, Iowa from February to August 2017. However, before and after the NoDAPL movement, we have been steadfast in our work to stop the insidious damage of Big-Ag to our water, land, and air in Iowa (the most biologically colonized state in the country) and have continued to fight all forms of detrimental colonial-capitalist projects.

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Cancel KXL

No Big-Ag

Abolish Big-Ag

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NoDAPL - Iowa

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NoDAPL - Standing Rock

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