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No C02 Pipelines

Our campaign to stop the construction of Carbon Capture & Sequestration projects (aka, C02 Pipelines) in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota began in May 2021. As the majority of focus is on white landowners and the abuse of imminent domain, we have made it our mission to make sure that Indigenous and POC communities are represented in this fight.

Iowans at the Capitol for a Hearing to Say No to the Abuse of Eminent Domain for Private Gain for the sake of Dangerous CO2 Pipelines

Great Plains Action Society's Statement on C02 Pipelines

Great Plains Action Society is firmly opposed to proposed carbon capture and sequestration or storage (CCS) projects (aka, CO2 Pipelines) such as Summit’s Midwest Carbon Express, Navigator’s Heartland Greenway, and Wolf Carbon Solutions’ ADM pipelines. The reasons for our opposition are numerous, however, our greatest concern is that CCS only serves the interests of the fossil fuel industry and that the government will sanction further land theft and harm to communities on Indigenous territories. Carbon capture and sequestration is by design a way to prolong the usage of fossil fuels while reducing CO2 emissions. Amidst this climate emergency, we must demand a reduction and phase out fossil fuels as a wider part of a just transition. 


We are also concerned about intense water usage as drought and warmer temperatures are greatly affecting access to clean water. Fossil fuel companies have known that their products were contributing to climate change for over forty years and now they see CCS as a government bail-out with many governmental subsidies providing just the type of perverse incentive for CCS operators to manipulate the system. Additionally, there are the same concerns present with other pipeline projects in the area regarding degradation of the land, disturbance of sacred ceremonial and burial sites. CO2 pipelines are also dangerous because when they rupture, they can spread over 1300 ft in under 4 min making it impossible to breathe and for vehicles to drive. First responders are not at all prepared to deal with such a catastrophe and many have been pushing back C02 pipelines for this reason alone. Furthermore, Indigenous communities will inevitably face encroachment on to treaty land, including environmentally racist moves on behalf of individual states to make sure that CCS does not negatively affect wealthy, white communities with influential power.


CCS is greenwashing rather than a solution to the climate emergency that Iowans deserve, as Indigenous people, we remain committed to the water, the land, and the future generations of Iowans.  

On 02/16/22 Kim Reynolds killed SF 2160, a bill that would close loopholes in eminent domain laws in Iowa. When asked if she thinks there needs to be more protections for property owners, she gave the most definitive, political non-answer ever in order to stave off judgment from her Republican constituents who are largely against co2 pipelines and the abuse of eminent domain for private gain. If you don't know why CO2 pipelines are dangerous and a greenwashing tactic perpetrated by the fossil fuel industry, we encourage you to go to the Iowa Carbon Pipeline Resistance Coalition and read more. Kim Reynolds needs to be called out for her corrupt fascist behavior.

Our Work in Images to Stop CCS Projects

Iowa Capitol Complex in Des Moines
Sioux City NoCO2Pipelines
At Summit Headquarters
At Summit Headquarters
At Summit Headquarters
At Summit Headquarters
Prairie Not Pipelines
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At Summit Headquarters


The No C02 Pipelines Campaign is led by Sikowis Nobiss If you have questions or thoughts to share, please contact her at 

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