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Nicole Rains, BSc (she/her)

Land Defense Organizer

Oglala Oyate Nation

Home Base: Omaha, NE


My Story

Nicole Rains is an Oglala Lakota of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and has a deep-rooted passion for environmental justice and Indigenous rights. Her journey began in Des Moines, Iowa where she cultivated an understanding of environmental science and sustainable agriculture at Iowa State University, earning a Bachelor's of Science degree. Specializing in soil science, she developed a profound appreciation for the intricate balance between land, water, and life.


Her commitment to advocacy and storytelling led Nicole to the Iowa Undergraduate Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa, where she honed her skills in articulating the interconnectedness of environmental issues and social justice. As a contributor to the Ames Progressive, she covered pivotal moments like the 99% movement on ISU's campus and its reverberations across Iowa's political landscape, amplifying voices that champion equity and systemic change.


In the spirit of community empowerment, Nicole has been privileged to collaborate with Des Moines and Omaha mutual aid communities, supporting initiatives that address immediate needs and that foster radical solidarity. Additionally, her involvement with the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition underscores her dedication to harm reduction strategies and compassionate outreach.


As the Land Defense Director for Great Plains Action Society, Nicole is driven by the ancestral wisdom of her Lakota heritage and a steadfast belief in the resilience of Indigenous knowledge systems. Together, we advocate for sustainable land practices that honor Indigenous sovereignty and protect our shared future.


Join Niclole in reshaping narratives, reclaiming spaces, and revitalizing our collective commitment to environmental stewardship curbing the climate emergency and social justice.

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