Plains Indigenous Peoples

Resisting Colonization & Indigenizing the World 

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Stop Whitewashing Genocide & Slavery!!! Bring Back Critical Race Theory & Remove Monuments to White Supremacy! Download the following 8 1/2 x 11 poster for printing and distribution by clicking on it below.


On July 4th, stand with Great Plains Action Society, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Ní Btháska Stand Collective, Des Moines Black Liberation Movement, Humanize My Hoodie,

Revolutionary Action Party, Quad Cities Interfaith, Iowa Coalition for Collective Change, and Des Moines Mutual Aid!


Demand that the new law, House File 802, which goes into effect July 1 be repealed. The legislation targets the teaching of critical race theory and other concepts in government diversity trainings and classroom curriculum.


Demand that Iowa legislators do their job and follow their own laws by abolishing monuments to white supremacy, which depict hate speech and promote discrimination. Kim Reynolds herself has stated that “Critical Race Theory is about labels and stereotypes, not education. It teaches kids that we should judge

others based on race, gender, or sexual identity, rather than the content of someone’s character." If this is the case, then statues depicting friendly "westard expansion", busks of Columbus, and murals depicting manifest destiny are stereotyping European setter invaders and not depicting the true nature of their character. Columbus was a genocidal, rapist, slave trader, and Indians were forced to give up their land--it was not friendly.


We are Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains proactively working to resist and Indigenize colonial-capitalist institutions and behaviors. We defend the land where our ancestors lie and where the children walk. Our goal is to reclaim what has been stolen and oppressed to create a better world for us all.

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The Truth Will Not Be Whitewashed Tees & Hoodies

We partnered with Humanize My Hoodie for Truthsgiving to create these hoodies and distribute them for free throughout Iowa. They were so popular that we have tees for sale--especially since the state of Iowa and 16 other white supremacist states around the country have banned critical race theory. Get yours today in time for July 4th and join us at the Iowa State Capitol to tell Kim Reynolds what's up. More info is on our FB page

The Truth Will Not Be Whitewashed tees and hoodies were made in honor of Indigenous communities who struggle with false narratives perpetuated through colonial holidays, biased school curriculums, out-of-touch media, and racist stereotypes, etc. The truth is that real history has been whitewashed and this country still largely perpetuates white supremacy and romanticized notions about race and gender. And though this government tried, it is impossible to hide the truth because they failed to genocide us and disregard our voices. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Great Plains Action Society to continue our mutual aid work in Des Moines and Sioux City.