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Indigenous led

We are a small society of Indigenous Folks living in the Great Plains region,

resisting colonization and re-Indigenizing the land and the world around us.

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Building Power in the Great Plains

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Great Plains Action Society addresses the trauma Indigenous Peoples and our Earth have faced and works to prevent further colonial-capitalist violence through education, direct action, cultural revival, mutual aid, and political change. We believe that Indigenous ideologies and practices are the antitheses of colonial capitalism, and we deploy these tools to fight and build on our vision–tools that are deeply embedded in a culture of resistance.

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Lightboard Art by Mahmud Fitil, Picture taken by Emma Colman, Volunteers from Sioux City

Learn more about why GPAS is fighting CCS and CO2 pipelines in the Oakland Institute's new report on the resistance in Iowa to the Summit pipeline.

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Our Initiatives & Theory of Change

Our mission is at the center of our work and is 

built upon community engagement and 

grassroots initiatives. Being true to our

mission has helped us define our 

work into three initiatives:


1) Protect the Sacred 

  • Ending the MMIR Crisis


2) Land Defense 

  • Climate & Environment


3) Representation 

  • Overcoming Whitewashing


We do this work through a variety

of methods:


1) Utilizing Culture & Tradition

2) Mutual Aid Efforts

3) Education on Issues

4) Non-Violent Direct Actions

5) Increasing Political Engagement


Sikowis Nobiss presenting her intervention on man-camps and violence at the

United Nation Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2019.

The Need for Indigenizing Spaces

Great Plains Action Society (GPAS) was created and founded by Sikowis Nobiss in 2014 after seeing and feeling the lack of Indigenous representation in Iowa. After nearly a decade, GPAS has been all of the United States to advocate and fight for Indigenous land, rights, and sovereignty. We are a 100% Indigenous-led grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit primarily focused on the Great Plains region which includes but not limited to Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

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