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Voter Outreach Parties

Heron Hargreaves, Ho-Chunk Nation, spent time with Riverland Native Voter Project to talk about the importance of Native voting, especially in the state of Iowa.

This year has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging. From the COVID-19 pandemic, uprisings, and climate change, we are now facing a daunting future when it comes to our future leadership of this nation. Here at Great Plains Action Society, we advocate for standing up and speaking out. In addition to protecting and defending our own, we are encouraging members from marginalized communities to keep on rising up AND also voting. In order to change the public narrative in which pressures elected officials, senators, congress, and other political entities to represent their communities, we must engage not only in the streets but also in the political realm.

During the time of COVID-19, organizers, activists, and gamechangers had to become creative and effective for this upcoming election. We are now introducing "Vote Outreach Parties" virtually by utilizing Zoom, a digital tool that most had to become familiar with to connect with family, friends, and co-workers during this unprecedented time.

What is a Voter Outreach Party?

A Voter Outreach Party is where family, friends, relatives, and anyone can come to register for Motivote. Motivote is a platform where voters can gain points and win real-life prizes from the prize store. In addition, these parties are used as a tool to help everyone turn up to vote on election day. 

If you recruit 10 or more people to join in, you will receive $100. The overall goal is to raise the BIPOC vote and make partnerships that will last long after this presidential election. 


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