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Open Letter Campaign (URGENT!- 10/22): Say No to CAFOS: Recreational Trails Edition

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are not allowed to be built within designated separation distances of public use areas. The DNR defines "public use areas" as those that “attract the public to congregate and remain in the area for significant periods of time.” Places that qualify include picnic grounds, cemeteries, playground equipment and more. Recreational trails are excluded from this designation. As a result, there are Iowa recreational trails that bring people in proximity to CAFOs. It is grossly unfair to those who wish to enjoy the outdoors to be subject to the stench of a nearby CAFO. Tell the DNR to protect Iowa’s recreational trails from CAFO’s!

Send comments here: by Oct. 22

Sample Letter:

Dear DNR,

Please do not allow CAFOs within what should be a designated separation distance from Iowa's recreational trails. No one wants to smell poop when they are trying to enjoy nature.


Iowa resident who thinks smelling poop is disgusting

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