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Open Letter: CAFO Moratorium

The focus of June’s first Open Letter is on the ongoing effort to convince our Representatives of the need for a moratorium on factory farming. The template letter appeals to the need for clean waterways, but there are many reasons to advocate for this moratorium. Please see The Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture for more information. Advocating for environmental justice is at the heart of the work we do at Great Plains Action Society. For more information on this topic, there will be public hearing of June 18th in Ames (will be live-streamed, please see event on GPAS’s Facebook page)

An Open Letter Calling for a Factory Farming Moratorium,

Summer is approaching. As much fun as it is to fish, swim, kayak, or canoe Iowa’s waterways, the sad truth is that CAFO’s are devastating the quality of Iowa’s water. No one wants to swim in a body of water that has raw sewage dumped into it. We should not have to check the salmonella status of a lake when deciding where to recreate. We are urging our Representatives to institute a moratorium on new or expanded factory farming until there are fewer than 100 polluted waterways. The people deserve to safely relate to nature, and the Earth so desperately needs relief from the ongoing abuse it’s suffering.


Great Plains Action Society


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