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Legislative update Project

Minnesota 2023 Edition


Welcome to the first Minnesota edition of the Legislative Update Project! This youth-led project takes each bill passed in this years’ legislative session and makes each one easier to understand. All citizens should have access to what each bill means, and a more knowledgeable voter can make better and more informed voting choices.

This first edition focuses only on the bills passed in Minnesota Congress. Each bill's summarized information is available on it's own separate page. Once the project is complete, a Zine combining all of the bill summaries will be available in a printable pdf format here on the GPAS website.

Happy learning!


HF 146/SF 63 


While anti-trans laws have been passed all over the country, Minnesota and 11 other states have passed laws to protect our trans relatives.

Minnesota's trans refuge state legislation protects families of trans kids getting gender affirming care. adults receiving care in the state whether from here or not.

Click the link below for the more and in depth information.

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