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Historically, the first 100 days of a new presidency is a pledge to the American people that they have what it takes to make foreseeable change right away. We are committed to challenge this administration to do just that because we deserve solutions NOW. Follow Great Plains Action Society here and on our social media sites to work with us as we push Biden and local Iowa and Nebraska Legislators to pass bills that will take the boot off of the neck of the oppressed, end white supremacy and focus on the climate emergency. 

How to Participate

- Watch our digital inauguration rally, highlighting the words and work and Indigenous Peoples.

- Share our letter to Biden that will be posted here by January 25, 2020

- Follow our social media sites to share out our demands to Biden and local legislators over the next 100 days!


2020 was a year to never forget. The world stopped upon the discovery of COVID-19 yet social injustice continued to increase and inflict harm everywhere. In the US, incited by the death of George Floyd and a fascist government, the Black community and allies all over the country rose up and fought back even through the danger of COVID because the threat from white supremacist violence is just as pressing. Trump’s endless encouragement of white supremacy fueled the flames that took the lives of so many BIPOC brothers and sisters. Alongside that, the ongoing inequities such as housing, job, and food insecurity increased immensely due to a government unfit to take care of its people during a pandemic. 


Recognizing the scary direction of the Trump presidency towards dictatorship and fascism, many communities, organizations, Tribal Nations, and individuals worked relentlessly to get out the vote in BIPOC and left-leaning communities. Great Plains Action Society was one of those organizations and though we were underpaid, stressed, and fed up, we did all we could to get Trump out of office and are exorbitantly happy to see him go.


However, we must not forget that this country is intrinsically founded upon slavery, genocide, and land theft. We are now in a time where we need to hold the next administration to the fire. Is the incoming administration still plagued by white supremacy? Yes. Do we need to hold them accountable for the next four years? Absolutely. We don’t need any more BIPOC folks to die for or face imprisonment for the sake of social justice, the climate, and the environment. Join Great Plains Action Society in demanding that Biden keeps his promises during his first 100 days in office, but most importantly create legislation that puts an end to white supremacist institutions.    

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