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Camila Cabello being honored at Variety‘s Power of Women event, presented by Lifetime, for her work with the Movement Voter Fund to launch the Healing Justice Project (May 2022).  Variety 2022

In January 2021, Camila Cabello partnered with Movement Voter Fund to launch the Healing Justice Project. The project aims to support on-going mental health resources to smaller BIPOC, LBTQIA+, and persons with disabilities grassroots organizations who often carry intergenerational trauma as a result of systemic racism and oppression. It is often times that organizers who fight for equal rights and liberation suffer from high rates of burnout due to the lack of mental health and wellness resources available. The year 2020 was a challenging year for grassroots organizations due to the pandemic and the fight for social justice as one of the most crucial presidential elections was under way. 

We cannot thank Camila Cabello and Movement Voter Fund enough for choosing us to participate in the 2022 Healing Justice Project Cohort. We strongly advocate for self-care to our communities, #MMIR families, and allies, but we often forget ourselves in the process. The Healing Justice Project is very much needed and welcomed by our organization. We often deal with trauma and violence against our Indigenous communities and it gets heavy. However, the Healing Justice Project has allowed us to practice self-care techniques in a safe space where we all can decompress and take that weight off of our shoulders. Therefore, we can continue to be badass organizers and make the change we want to see in the world.

"I call on all Grand Mothers everywhere on the planet to rise and take your place in the leadership of the world"
Calling All Grandmothers - Alice Walker

Check out Camila Cabello and many other powerful women as they talk about their motivations and drive to help small grassroots organizations such as ourselves that focus on social, climate, and racial justice in their communities. (Video: Variety's Power of Women presented by Lifetime). 

Other recipients of the 2022 Healing Justice Project

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To learn more about the recipients, the project, or to donate to the Movement Voter Fund, please click here!

Don't forget to check out Camila Cabello's new album Familia. Here are some of our favorite Camila Cabello songs to listen to  as we organize and make change.

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