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Solidarity Statement on Palestine

Great Plains Action Society and Ní Btháska Stand Collective are deeply saddened, enraged, and disgusted by the Israeli invader state and their endless quest to continue the genocide of the Palestinian Peoples while stealing and colonizing their homelands. Like many Indigenous Peoples, we have inherent solidarity with Palestinians as we know all too well the violence that invader states inflict on First Nations around the world. We understand the sorrow, heartbreak, and horrors associated with oppression and occupation by strangers and we will never side with the occupational Israeli invader state because we believe that once you go from being oppressed to being the oppressor you lose all legitimacy and you absolutely do not get our support. And as people of Palestine stood with us at Standing Rock, we stand with them now.

For this reason, we see a deep need to point out that the US is also a colonizing force and an invader state that initiated the ongoing genocide against the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. Moreover, the United States is now funding the same actions around the world in places such as Palestine. We categorically reject the occupation of Indigenous lands everywhere as well as the United States’ continued support of apartheid and ask that this country recognize its own genocidal whitewashed history so it can then see what it is also doing to Palestine and its beautiful people.

As Indigenous-led resistances working in so-called Iowa and Nebraska, Great Plains Action Society and Ní Btháska Stand Collective demand that the US stop its patronage of the Israeli invader state immediately.


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