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Monica Good Dawn (she/her)
Hā̜p ɡu pī̜ wi̜ɡa

Senior Assistant Coordinator


Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Home Base: Sioux City, IA

My Story

Monica Good Dawn, Hāp gu pī wiga, (she/her) Founder & Curator of Moon Wellness & Company. Monica is an enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska with lineage ties to the Santee Sioux Nation. She was raised by her grandparents in Sioux City, Iowa. Monica's grandmother, a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) through the 1960's & 70's era, a member of the board of Indian Education and an employed social worker specifically for Native American youth, had the biggest influence on her cultural upbringing. Monica was raised to "use her big voice and stand up for our people."


Monica left the great plains area for Texas and Tennessee during her early adult years, where she attended school for various degrees in the nursing field. Because she was so far from her cultural community, Monica decided to return back home to Sioux City in 2021, where she opened her first brick & mortar business, Moon Wellness & Company. A wellness center that focuses on overall wellness, women's reproductive autonomy and challenges mental health stigma. 


Monica has immersed herself into the advocacy world, learning a lot from Trisha Rivers. The two collaborated on a diaper & formula drive, for parents in need, in 2022. Monica turned this event into a fully stocked baby pantry that is still available to those in need to this day. Monica & Trisha also host a podcast, Indigified, where they provide their indigenous perspectives on topics from current politics to pop culture. Monica also has an interest in political engagement, preventing sex and human trafficking, raising awareness for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) crisis, and being a voice for all BIPOC communities. 


Currently, Monica is attending school at Little Priest Tribal College for her associates degree in Native American Studies. She hopes to expand her cultural knowledge while gaining further insight on Native American Law and Environmental rights. Pinagigi

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