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Different Ways to Vote

Register Online

Using an online portal to register or update your information for voting; county auditors will send out your voter registration cards within the next two weeks

Vote By Mail 

There are two systems of mail balloting:

  • Universal "Vote by Mail" - Some states send mail ballots to all voters

  • Absentee Voting - In most states, voters will need to request an absentee ballot by calling, writing, or going online. Some places require a reason as to why a voter is requesting an absentee ballot such as being sick or not in the state at the time of the election (i.e. college students). Other places honor the "No Excuses" absentee ballot. They will send an absentee ballot without having any reason provided. ​

In-Person Vote

Depending on where a voter lives, they will need efficient documentation to register to vote. Some states allow a voter to register and vote on the same day of the election while others will need a voter to register days beforehand. Once a voter is registered, they will go to their specific local polling station and cast their vote. 

Early Voting

In addition to absentee voting, early voting is another option for voters who may not be available on the general election day to cast their vote. Voters do not need an excuse to vote early. Specified dates and times are determined and vary from state to state.

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