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Keely Driscoll

Youth Political Engagement 

Meskwaki & Ho-Chunk

Meskwaki Nation

My Story

Ttakimaweakwe ("Little Wolf Woman") is Meskwaki with ties to the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Keely resides in Tama, IA. Keely is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in International Studies with certificates in Sustainability and Native American and Indigenous Studies. She hopes to go on to Law school after earning her undergraduate degree and certificates. Keely's personal educational goals revolve around her desire to continually improve her cross-cultural competence and to raise awareness about the importance of it. Throughout her years at Iowa, she has participated as a member of the Native American Student Association, where she is now serving as the President for the 2021 year. During the 2020 elections, Keely worked with other organizations such as VoteMob making efforts in youth engagement and the BIPOC vote. Keely also works for the Native Center for Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health.

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