Although we are practicing social distancing in efforts to flatten the curve, Great Plains Action Society remains strongly committed to uplifting the Native communities through a digital world. We are working hard to delivering content relevant to all of Turtle Island by using social media platforms and other digital tools such as Zoom. We may not all be together at this moment, but we are still here actively fighting for indigenous rights, sovereignty, and social justice.


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This is our Native Voter initiative project to increase awareness and voter turnout for our Native communities. We will be featuring interviews with tribal members on and off the reservations about their perspectives on voting. We also will provide information content to encourage Natives to go out and vote for the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential election. 


Sioux City and the small Dakota metro area are the second largest national hotspot for COVID-19 (New York Times). They are also the epicenter of meat packing plants, CAFOs, and other agricultural entities. Governors Kim Reynolds (IA), Pete Ricketts (NE), and Krisit Noem (SD) are now planning to reopen their states. This threatens the urban Native population that resides in the Tri-State area. Our organization in collaboration with the Urban Native Center and Dakota Health and Wellness are currently raising funds to provide proper PPE and resources. Please click the image for an in-depth analysis and find out how you can donate.


Colonization almost wiped out our Indigenous peoples. One tactic that was used was controlling our food sources. Modern day, that looks like commodities ("commods") being distributed to our Natives on the reservation. In reaffirming our sovereignty and re-building our nations, we must be able to feed ourselves. Alton and Foxy One Feather have started their Food Sovereignty initiative in efforts to combat modern-day colonization and encourage healthy eating habits for Indigenous communities. By being able to grow our own food, we rely less on the government to do it for us. 

Plains-Indigenous Peoples resisting colonization and Indigenizing the world

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