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Job Openings

At the moment, we have one job opening at Great Plains Action Society. We are looking for a

Civic Engagement Director to join our team. Details on the job and how to apply are below. 

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Civic Engagement Organizer

Location: Sioux City Tri-State Area

Reports To: Siouxland Project Director

Hours: 20 hours/week

Pay: $26/hour



Great Plains Action Society is an Indigenous-led nonprofit organization whose goal is to resist harmful colonial practices and Indigenize the world around us. Historically, Indigenous Peoples have been intentionally left out of political spaces, and though the tides are changing, we still face high rates of voter suppression and distrust towards engaging in civic activities such as voting. However, it is very important that Indigenous folks be civically engaged in order to influence public opinion and create impactful policy that will benefit our future generations.


Last year, we all watched as the US Supreme Court stripped women’s reproductive freedom away. We all nervously witnessed and waited as the Indian Child Welfare Act was being attacked - not knowing if our First Nations children would be protected anymore in the final ruling. Our two-spirits are constantly under threat simply because of who they are rather than focusing on real issues that are killing students like school shootings.


For 2024, Great Plains Action Society wants to see Indigenous and other POC folks get more involved in making political change and getting out the vote in the Sioux City Tri-State area and across Iowa and Nebraska. We are pushing for policy and change - not thoughts and prayers! We are looking to empower our communities and help lead impactful campaigns such as reproductive rights for women, protecting services for our children and defending diversity, equity and inclusion everywhere.


About the Role

The role of Civic Engagement Organizer is centered around integrated voter engagement with an emphasis on reproductive freedom, but not limited to that specific issue. The goal of the position is to build power and get communities to show up, speak out, and create change through civic engagement and education. GOTV (get-out-the-vote) efforts will also complement this work in addition to effectively organizing different actions that have tangible wins. This part-time (20 hours) position is offered for one year but we expect the successful candidate will have an option to reapply at the end of the year based upon work performance and available funding. The Civic Engagement Organizer will work closely with the Siouxland Project Director who will oversee Great Plains Action Society’s Civic Engagement Initiative along with the Executive Director. The office is located in Sioux City, Iowa, however, the work is for the tri-state area of Siouxland (Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota). There will be a combination of in person and at home hours that will be decided by the Siouxland Project Director. The hourly wage offered is $26.



  • Report to and meet weekly with the Siouxland Project Director.

  • Attend all of Groundswell meetings, webinars, and trainings with other key staff. These are intensive, in-person/virtual gatherings with other Groundswell cohort members for co-learning, skills-building, and relationship building. An example of these skills-building workshops include trainings on the following, but limited to them: 

    • Recruit and retain members/volunteers

    • Utilize a Leadership Ladder of Engagement

    • Identify community-informed issue priorities

    • Develop a sophisticated analysis of the political landscape including clear power maps informing strategic campaign plans

    • Manage alliance and coalition dynamics to advance your organization’s campaign

    • Execute strategic communications that build the base and shape the narrative

    • Have an effective one-on-one (and track it!)

    • Develop and implement strategic, grassroots-led policy and issue campaigns

    • Analyze data

    • Navigate a Voter file and Internal CRM

    • Implement the foundations of Digital Organizing

  • Throughout 2024 the Civic Engagement Organizer will conduct a campaign on reproductive liberation and 1-2 other relevant issues, plus a GOTV campaign. The GOTV campaign will consist of building a volunteer team for canvassing and phone banking. The amount, details and length of the campaign will be decided together with the Siouxland Project Director and other members of the Great Plains Action Society Civic Engagement Initiative.

  • Communicate progress, as well as any needs or wants with the Siouxland Project Director.

  • Abide and stay compliant with 501(c)3 nonpartisan work.

  • Create timelines with specific objectives/goals.

  • Write project overviews and budgets for event planning.

  • Communicate with the Siouxland Project Director to keep track of budgets and goals.

  • Make connections with various populations, groups, organizations, and communities to create culturally competent and community based projects and events that will empower folks and incite civic engagement.

  • Run short online and in-person surveys to collect information and build a base

  • Create social media campaigns through graphics, reels and ads.



  • Must be self-motivated, reliable, and driven.

  • Proficient with Google docs, forms, spreadsheets, and databases.

  • Proficient with Canva for making graphics for social media posts, posters, brochures, etc.

  • Proficient with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • Experience with GOTV/civic engagement is preferred but not a requirement.

  • Through the Groundswell Fund, the successful candidate will be provided with 80 hours annually with a seasoned organizer who will coach key staff within Great Plains Action Society to develop internal systems to support effective organizing, design a campaign(s), create an achievable work plan(s), and implement that plan effectively. The list of trainings to be attended are listed above under responsibilities.

  • All applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply.


To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to Trisha Rivers at by Midnight CST, February 7, 2024.

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