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Riverland Native Voter Project

Iowa is a strategic political state because it is host to the first contest of the presidential primaries. It’s why, when given the opportunity to encourage Indigenous voting in this state we saw a great opportunity to empower our people’s voice. However, we believe in abolishing border imperialism and so instead of focusing on the colonial settler imposed state of Iowa we decided to base our voting initiative on an Ioway made map that depicts their own history between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. We encourage Indigenous people to vote based on ecological and ancestral boundaries with the intent of dismantling oppressive borders and decolonizing the vote

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Climate Crisis Unity Parade

Indigenous Iowa co-sponsored the Climate Crisis Unity Parade days before the Iowa Caucus in an effort to raise awareness of the impeding climate crisis waging on Mother Earth. We also got to work with Remy from First Seven Gen Labs who created the amazing art which led the parade. Click here to read more about it. 

Land Acknowledgement

Sister organization Seeding Sovereignty was asked to give a land acknowledgement at a rally in Des Moines, IA. Indigenous Iowa was there to help capture the moment and got to meet Portugal. The Man.

Photo taken by Trisha Etringer

#NoKXL #MMIW #Justice4Ashlea

Indigenous Iowa traveled to Lincoln, NE to support local voices in raising awareness about the new proposed TC Energy project, Keystone XL pipeline, and the ongoing #MMIW (#MMIR) epidemic.

Video correction: Days later after this event, a young Umonhon (Omaha Nation) woman, Ashlea Aldrich, went missing and murdered on the Omaha Reservation.

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