Trisha Cax-Sep-Gu-Wiga Etringer, BA

Operations & MMIR Director


Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Home Base: Sioux City, IA


My Story

Trisha Etringer is an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation who grew up in Elk Run Heights, IA, and currently resides in Sioux City, IA. Trisha recently graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with her BA in Psychology and minor in Mental Health. Her goal is to obtain an M.D. with an emphasis on Adolescent Psychiatry. The long-term goal is to work within Indigenous communities that suffer from high rates of suicide, alcoholism, depression, and historical trauma.


Trisha possesses an array of skills such as videography, photography, and drone operating skills. Trisha is a single mother of four children. She hopes to raise awareness about various issues that parallel with other indigenous communities such as #MMIR, extractive fossil fuel projects, and addiction.