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Spiritual Locations in Iowa: A Response to the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Iowa tribe, who are the people the state of Iowa was named for, also called the Ioway, have serious concerns that the survey was inadequate, as it focused only on archaeological sites, and did not survey for our sacred sites, places where the lightning touches the bluffs where cedars occur, which often have mounds nearby. Places where particular medicinal plants grew. We did build mounds into the historic period at Blood Run for example as a revitalization movement. We are on record as having concerns that our spiritual locations and potential burial sites on bluffs would not be recognized, and that some spiritually significant places may not have any archaeological remains. Mahaska Coun

The Finger Pointing Tactic

Many organization involved in the Iowa NoDAPL movement have condemned the arson that has, twice, destroyed Energy Transfer Partner equipment. Most are shocked and dismayed by the arson and reactions range from visceral to cynical. The overarching thoughts are that this was a lone actor, a disgruntled employee or even the Energy Transfer Partners themselves in an attempt to garner media sympathy. No one knows who did this, but perhaps the $100,000 reward that ETP has offered might bring results. In the meantime, mainstream media needs to stop attributing this vandalism to any of the water protectors in Iowa. Without a doubt, Indigenous Iowa completely disapproves of this counter productive ac

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